Learning Spanish Online with Conversa is an engaging experience.

How We Teach Spanish Online

Our approach to to teaching Spanish is a product of years of experience. Our live, one-on-one Spanish classes serve as the foundation for our Spanish program. We've combined these classes with self-paced exercises and materials, as well as optional Spanish workshops, to form a robust online Spanish training program that works well for students of all levels. The individual Spanish lessons are tailored to ensure that not only the level is right, but also the pace and topics of conversation used during the classes are of interest to you, the Spanish student.

Live, one-on-one Spanish classes via videoconference

Face-to-Face Spanish Classes

This is the most important part of how we teach Spanish online. We use a well-established (and easy-to-use) videoconferencing solution called Zoom, which allows us to share content while the class is in session. The Spanish classes are very dynamic and there is a lot of conversation. Even at the earlier levels, we do our best to keep all interaction in Spanish, as this helps the student develop a greater level of comfort in the language.

The process starts by completing a short registration and taking our grammar assessment. This will allow us to schedule your free trial lesson. Combining the results from your assessment and your trial lesson, we’ll have sufficient information to establish a solid working plan to move forward.

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Spanish Teaching Materials

To complement the one-on-one Spanish classes, through your student account, you can access a valuable set of grammar lessons. These lessons span the entire grammatical sequence, ranging from very basic topics, all the way through the different forms of the subjunctive. In addition to this content, we've developed a robust resource that we like to call the "Spanish Student Progression Matrix". Very simply, it's a tool that our teachers use to track student progress and to suggest relevant supporting content that can be of use to a particular student based on their level and what they've worked on in the past. Regardless of your level, there's valuable material in there for you to choose from, in addition to the hand-picked content that your teacher will be sharing with you along the way.

Spanish teaching materials help students retain and make forward progress.
Live Spanish workshops are great opportunities for practicing the language.

Live Spanish Workshops

In addition to the face-to-face classes and the materials we make available to our students, we offer live Spanish workshops on a weekly basis. Students can opt to receive notifications of these based on the intended level of the workshop. Additionally, teachers often recommend workshops to their students based on the student's level or areas of interest. These are dynamic workshops where our Spanish students participate actively, offering a valuable opportunity to practice the language in a casual setting.

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Spanish Teacher Office Hours

Finally, we offer office hours for all our students. These sessions are meant to mimic the office hours students become familiar with in college. On certain days/times, teachers will be available to all students to help answer any questions. These aren't structured workshops, but rather a good opportunity to clear up any questions that a student may have about anything related to material covered during class or learning the language.