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Here at Conversa, we're proud of our almost 50-year track record helping students learn Spanish online. We launched our online Spanish program back in 2007 as a means of offering our immersion students more opportunities to practice the language back home, and since then it has evolved into a full-fledged, robust online Spanish program, with all the resources and know-how that our students need to learn the language.

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One-on-One Live Spanish Classes

This is the core of our online Spanish program, and the most valuable component in learning to speak Spanish. You attend live, one-on-one classes with your instructor using videoconferencing software (we're currently working with Zoom - works on PC/Mac/iPad/etc.). Because these are one-on-one, we'll focus on your specific needs, areas of interest, and we'll work at a pace that's right for you. This is the best way to learn Spanish online.

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Pricing for Spanish Classes

Our one-on-one online Spanish classes are billed at $30 per lesson (50-minutes long). We have an option for prepayment, resulting in a bit of a discount. In addition to the one-on-one classes, we have an option to sign up for our Spanish workshops only.  We have scheduling policies that allow for flexibility, making it easier to set up a program that will fit your specific needs.

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Conversa's virtual campus is a meeting place for students learning Spanish online.

Virtual Online Spanish Campus

To learn Spanish online, it really helps to have a venue - a place you call "home". Here at Conversa, we've developed a virtual online Spanish campus where our Spanish teachers and students come together for online Spanish classes, as well as for our workshops and other activities. This innovative resource brings our community of Spanish learners together day in and day out, effectively making it their "Spanish home" online.

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Spanish Workshops

Conversa's interactive Spanish workshops are a great way to practice your Spanish and further strengthen your ties to the Spanish-speaking community. Every week we offer a series of activities through our Virtual Online Spanish Campus to offer our students an added opportunity to use the language in a more spontaneous setting.  These workshops further strengthen the toolset that we make available to our students to help you learn Spanish online.   

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Conversa's online Spanish workshops are a great opportunity to practice the langauge in a casual and enjoyable setting.

What our students are saying about Conversa:

Learning Spanish online can be fun

I think one of Conversa's strongest selling points is the 'bench strength' of its teaching staff. It's not just that they are native speakers and have many years of experience teaching Spanish. Just as important, they have many years of experience teaching together at Conversa.

   Mark B. - Wausau, WI

I've been taking lessons through Conversa for several years and can't say enough good things about my teacher Auxi and the school in general. My Spanish has dramatically improved, and there is no doubt I am much more confident speaking, reading, and writing. I've been to a few different schools both abroad and online; but Conversa's curriculum is the best and most organized by far. I also get a genuine feeling that my teacher loves her job and wants me to improve. Highly recommended!

   Brad W. - Hamden, CT

I have been an on-line student at Conversa for almost 2 years, and find the program to be exceptional. My background is as an educator, so I was looking for a company that offered solid-based instruction, with true planning. Conversa is just that, with wonderful friendly patient teachers. The one-to-one lessons personalize the learning and are easy to connect, using Zoom.
I highly recommend the program.

   Johanna B. -Santa Barbara, CA

I’ve been taking online lessons with Conversa for almost four years—and I still look forward to seeing my teacher each week! Conversa’s approach is student centered, so my instructor quickly discovered where I was with my language learning, understood my goals, and tailored each session to the way I learn best. Through a thoughtful combination of reading, writing and listening, I’ve strengthened my grammar and vocabulary skills and now converse comfortably with native speakers.

   Karen B. - Potomac, MD

Conversa is an absolute gem. I cannot speak more highly of the program of which I've fallen in love with because of their affordability and enjoyability). I feel very fortunate to have been led to Conversa so many years ago. Thank you Conversa for all you do to make learning fun and achievable!

   Laura S. - Houston, TX

Add me to the list of satisfied Conversa customers! From workshops to private lessons; from writing assignments to spontaneous conversation; from computer generated quizzes to prepared speeches, I benefit from the consistent, directed practice. The teachers know how to work with the students where they are in their acquisition of Spanish. Whether you are a new beginner or a seasoned veteran, combine your diligence with the methodology of Conversa and you will know progress!

   Kaye R. - Winslow, AZ

These are just a few of the nice things our students have been sharing about Conversa. Click here to read more testimonials from other students.

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