Here at Conversa Language Programs, we call our online Spanish program ConversaConmigo, which literally means 'speak with me.' There are a few different components to ConversaConmigo:

One-on-One Live Classes:

This is the core of our online Spanish program, and the most valuable component in learning a new language. You attend live, one-on-one classes with your instructor using videoconferencing software (we're currently working with Zoom - works on PC/Mac/iPad/etc.). Because these are one-on-one, we'll focus on your specific needs, areas of interest, and we'll work at a pace that's right for you.

Self Study:

In addition to the live instruction, we have developed a robust online student resource library. Not only do our teachers use the student portal to post your class notes for you, or share homework assignments and vocabulary lists, you can also use it for review and self study. Our grammar book is available in digital form, there are thousands of exercises to choose from, and a great deal of additional resources that our teachers post for you to benefit from.

Open Workshops:

One of the main concerns our students have is not having enough opportunities to use the language outside of the classroom setting. This is why we also offer open workshops for our student community. These activities are free for our students, and they're designed to keep you engaged in the language. We strive to provide varied workshops, offering activities for students at all levels. We also do our best to vary the scheduling in an effort to make these meetings available to more students.

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