Our Spanish immersion campus is crawling with natural wonders
Growing much of the produce we serve right here on campus
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ConversaConserva: Our Sustainability Efforts

Here at Conversa we believe that organizations should spend a little time (actually, a lot), thinking about their social responsibility and how they can have a positive impact on their community. Because the environment plays such an important role in what our students experience on campus, we've selected this as the center of our social responsibility efforts.

Green It Up!

Every year we plant between 250 and 450 new trees around campus. Many of these trees have been planted along the creek at the base of the property, but more recently, we've started to plant trees within the classroom/office areas as well. This has allowed the campus to look much greener throughout the dry season.

Lower Energy Consumption

Over the past six years we've seen the prices of electricity spike in Costa Rica. However, we've managed to reduce our energy bill by over 20%, while the price of electricity has actually gone up well over 65%. We've done this by replacing light bulbs, incorporating timers for our water pumps and hot water heaters, upgrading refrigerators in the cafeteria, and adjusting schedules. While we're far from over, we feel we've come a long way!

Buying local

While it's not quite feasible to buy 100% of what we use to offer our services locally, we do make an effort to buy from local vendors (and farmers) as often as possible. We've actually gone so far as to have our own hydroponics garden right here on campus! Favoring local businesses is not only a good initiative from an environmental standpoint (as long as they're using efficient farming methods), it helps us establish and maintain good relations with our neighbors. After all, you never know when that might come in handy :) !