Outdoor Spanish class in session
Spanish students in front of the Conversa entrance
Costa Rica dance presentation
Breakfast break at spanish school
Spanish school outdoor class
Spanish teacher preparing her next lesson

Spanish Immersion in Costa Rica

Here at Conversa we have been teaching Spanish since 1975, and we've been operating our Santa Ana campus since 1980. The "language park", as we like to call it, is run on a former dairy farm on a hillside above Santa Ana. What started out as a small language operation has turned into one of the most respected Spanish language schools in the business, offering students one of the best places to study Spanish in Costa Rica.

Learn to Speak Spanish

Our goal has always been to offer our students more opportunities to learn to speak Spanish than they can find anywhere else. To do this, we take Spanish Immersion to the next level. Throughout our campus, students find a variety of opportunities to practice their Spanish. Whether it's striking up a conversation with the grounds crew or walking into our mock "pulperķa" (a neighborhood grocery store) to buy a few things, students are constantly being stimulated to practice their Spanish.

The Spanish Language Park

Our six-acre Santa Ana campus boasts three small lodges, a 45-foot swimming pool, 25 small classrooms, a cafeteria, an administration building, a basketball hoop, a paddle tennis court, a ping pong table, a TV lounge, educational walking trails, a mock travel agency, convenience store, restaurant, hotel, bank, pawn shop and infirmary (for practicing Spanish in different situations). Our campus is bursting with trees, plants, flowers, birds and other animals. In our humble estimation, this is THE place to immerse yourself in Spanish.

Is this Spanish program for you?