Your goal as a manager or trainer is to develop your workforce – to give it the tools it needs to support your organization’s objectives. To that end, you hire individuals who have the necessary characteristics. You’ll look at their background, expertise and experience. Next, you may ask for references. Finally, you’ll make a hiring decision and observe to make sure the process was a success. Selecting a language training partner should not be very different.

At Conversa we have a great deal of experience with this, teaching online since 2007. Our instructors are not only experienced Spanish teachers; they’re also experts at teaching live, one-on-one Spanish classes online.

Resources Available to Spanish Training Supervisors

  • Quick-start guide
  • Employee participation roster
  • Employee class schedule
  • Language proficiency interview history
  • Class cancellation history and attendance records
  • Employee online activity summary
  • Monthly employee participation summary reports

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