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Earn college credit for your online Spanish program

You can earn college credit for your online Spanish course with Conversa. Courses are offered through live, one-on-one instruction. You can schedule anywhere between three and twenty hours per week, depending on your availability and how quickly you would like to complete the course. Classes are offered Monday through Friday, from 7:00 am to 10 pm, and Saturday from 7:00 am to 2:00 pm CST.


The grade you earn will be determined by your attendance, participation, homework assignments and tests.

Accredited Spanish Courses

The available courses are listed below. Keep in mind that each school has its own policies on how transfer credit is handled. We encourage you to contact us with any questions about how this process works. We're happy to provide syllabi for the courses so that you can provide them to your academic advisor so that he or she can review them for approval.

Elementary Spanish 1:

Spanish for beginners emphasizing broad competence in the basic skills: understanding, reading, writing and cross-cultural perspectives.

Elementary Spanish 2:

A continuation of Elementary Spanish I. Prerequisite: Elementary Spanish I or equivalent.

Basic Spanish Conversation 1:

A course emphasizing conversational Spanish. Extensive use is made of structural oral exercises and "on-site" use of the language. Corrective phonetics and aural comprehension.

Basic Spanish Conversation 2:

A continuation of Basic Spanish Conversation 1, emphasizing grammatical structures complementary to Elementary Spanish II.

Intermediate Spanish 1:

A sequential continuation of Elementary Spanish 1 and 2. Emphasis on oral and written presentations, emphasizing more complex grammatical structures. Focuses on Latin American cultures through a systematic approach to the development of reading, writing and conversational skills.

Intermediate Spanish 2:

Vocabulary building and emphasis on review and practice of complex grammatical structures through structured oral and written exercises. Contrast of common universal idiomatic expressions in Latin America. Latin American themes and daily life through graded readings.

Intermediate Conversation & Composition 1:

Promotes facility in understanding, speaking and writing the language. Emphasis on situational, everyday conversation. Structured speech to provide firm base in patterns of spoken Spanish with progression towards free conversation.

Intermediate Conversation & Composition 2:

Continuation of Intermediate Conversation & Composition 1, plus emphasis on more complicated situational, everyday conversation, including free conversation.

Advanced Spanish Grammar 1:

An approach to grammatical analysis and a synopsis of fundamental usages. Emphasis on subtleties, exceptions and current idiomatic use of the language.

Advanced Conversation 1:

For advanced students wishing to attain greater proficiency in the spoken language. Strongly recommended for majors. Conversation based on themes.

Selected Readings in Latin American Literature:

A study of outstanding works, authors, genres or major literary currents in Latin America. Given in Spanish.

For more information on our online Spanish program, please call us at 1-888-669-1664 or contact us from here.