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Bedroom in La Casona
The view from the pool on campus.
A sunset off the Casona terrace

Lodging Options

Conversa's students can opt to stay on campus, with a Costa Rican host family in the town of Santa Ana, or at any of several area hotels and apart-hotels. The decision of where to stay will depend on several factors: what you're looking to get out of the experience, your budget, and how soon in advance you're able to make your travel arrangements, to name a few.

On-Campus Lodging

If you're looking for a tranquil, relaxed atmosphere, Conversa has a few on-campus lodges that might be right for you. When you stay on campus, all meals are included, as well as maid service, laundry service, and a daily shuttle to/from the town of Santa Ana. Our campus has a 50-foot swimming pool, an exercise area, birds and trees and all sorts of other goodies for you. In addition, you'll have plenty of opportunities to practice your Spanish once classes wrap up for the day.

La Casona:

La Casona has 8 bedrooms, each with a private bath. This option is ideal for individuals or couples. While students staying on campus take all meals in the cafeteria, La Casona has a kitchen where students can prepare coffee, tea, light snacks and keep cold drinks.

Click here for some photos of La Casona

La Casita:

La Casita has 2 small family suites. Each one has two bedrooms, each with its own bath. La Casita also has a small kitchen where families can keep breakfast cereals, snacks and soft drinks.

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Host family

A host family stay can be a wonderful complement to your immersion experience. They offer a great opportunity to practice the language, and provide a window into Costa Rican culture. We take great care in selecting the host families. In addition, our Housing Coordinator interacts with our students every day to make sure they're comfortable and enjoying their experience.

Other options

In addition to on-campus lodging and our host family program, students can opt to find third-party housing. There are several hotels in the area that are just a short walk from our shuttle route. Prices begin at around $60 US per room per night. Keep in mind, especially for extended stays, that you'll have to cover for your dinners (breakfast is usally included and Conversa provides lunch on campus), and laundry service, which can be rather costly at hotels.

Here is a short list of hotels that our students have stayed at in the past:

Studio Hotel

Hotel Luisiana

Galiza Suites

ApartHotel Santa Lucía