When we started teaching Spanish online back in 2007, we thought that this was going to be a great service for the younger crowd. However, we're very happy to say that we've seen great success in students of all ages.

Since 2007, we've tutored young children, we've worked with retirees, we've led Spanish training programs for businesses, and we've provided college-accredited courses for high-school and college students. Regardless of what your interest may be in the language, the requirement you may have to comply with, the college credit you need, or whatever motivation is driving you, we're confident that we can provide the high-quality online Spanish program you're looking for.

Online Spanish for Professionals

Since its inception, our online Spanish program has appealed to professionals in different fields because of the flexibility it affords them, and the highly personalized approach to teaching Spanish. Thanks to this, one of our first clients was the World Bank in Washington, DC. The Bank needed a Spanish program that offered flexibility for demanding schedules, and of course, high quality instruction. We're very proud to say that we're now on our 8th year working with the World Bank, and we've worked with hundreds of Bank employees helping them improve their Spanish.

Spanish for College or Continuing Education Credits

After many years teaching Spanish online, we're very proud to say that our courses are now accredited, and students can earn college credit or continuing education credit for their programs with Conversa. If you're looking for college credit for your Spanish course, or if you need to comply with a continuing education requirement, we have a solid program for you. Not only will you earn the credits you need, but you'll probably learn more Spanish than you would otherwise pick up in a traditional college classroom setting.

Spanish Tutoring for Kids

At Conversa we've been teaching and tutoring children since we got started with online Spanish classes. We've worked with very young children (5/6 years old), all the way through high-school teenagers who need help with their Spanish, or who are looking to get a jump on their college courses. We're happy to say that the results have been phenomenal. As with any other student, we offer a free trial lesson so that the child (and parent) can get a sense of what the classes are like. For younger children (10 and under), we ask that a parent be present during the first lesson (or first few) to make sure that any technical issues can be addressed.

NOTE: If you're interested in contacting a few former students to inquire about their experience with Conversa, please let us know. We're very fortunate to have a large number of alums who are more than happy to share their feedback with prospective Spanish learners. Just contact us and we'll do our best to get back to you quickly.