More or less, where would you say you are with your Spanish?

(This assessment can take as long as 25 minutes - or more - depending on your level.)

Absolute Beginner: I know NO Spanish.
Beginner: My vocabulary might be about 50 words. I also know a few phrases. However, I don't know how to conjugate verbs or form sentences.
Survivor: I can form simple sentences. I can order a meal or get a room in a hotel. I am pretty much limited to the present tense.
Weaker Speaker: I can handle basic conversation. However, I am pretty much limited to simple present, past and future. My vocabulary is fairly limited, but I can usually get my point across.
Stronger Speaker: I know most of the grammar, but that doesn't mean that I can use it. I can speak better than I can understand.
Advanced: I feel pretty good about my Spanish. I have seen all the verb tenses, including the subjunctive. My vocabulary is good, and I get compliments on my Spanish, but I still have a ways to go.
Note: The quiz is composed of several sections. If you do well in a section, you'll move on to the next. For the sake of better information, we recommend that you choose a starting point that's slightly below the level you feel you have. This will allow for a better reading of where you are. Buena suerte! (good luck :)

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